Online Interviews:


I am interviewed in a podcast over on While She Naps by Abby Glassenburg, along with Ellen Luckett Baker.


I have an interview up over at Sewmoblie about my sewing machines. Thanks Michelle!


I was flattered to be interviewed over at ohdeedoh for the Big Blog Family feature. Her questions got my mind percolating about blogging and how much has changed from what it was like when I started. It's all good. Thanks, Katie!

I have an interview over at Progressive Pioneer, thanks for asking me, Amy!

2009-2005 (some of these have no links):

Podcast Interviews:

Wow, someone shut me up! Here's a list of interviews where you can hear me talk about my book, aprons, blogging, crafting, being an artist and a mom, all that good stuff.

Featured, mentioned, or quoted in other publications: