tie one on—an apron project

From 2005 to 2012 I hosted a sew-an-apron challenge. Each month or so, I picked a theme makers from all over the world submitted images of their homemade aprons inspiried by that theme and shared apron love and enthusiasm. It was an amazing experience and more then 1000 aprons were made. The whole project can be seen on Flickr, with each themed apron grouped in its own set. This is the gallery where you can see them in all their glory.

The Tie One website has all sorts of apron info, resources, and general apron happenings during that time. Although it's been archved and no new content has been added since 2012, it's still a great place to see some amazing aprons and look around.

I have a fierce passion for vintage aprons as well. I created two groups on Flickr related to vintage aprons—a vintage apron group, and a vintage apron sewing patterns group. These are groups for people to add photos from their personal collections. This isn't a place to sell aprons, or the patterns, just to show and tell.